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Flipping through various Jordan cards we click on a 1986 Fleer.

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Michael Jordan basketball collectables (pictured below) are some of the highest-priced pieces of sport memorabilia because of their high market demand.Search for historical Michael Jordan basketball card values based on successful eBay and auction house sales of graded cards.

Upper Deck ’92-93 Michael Jordan Error Card – Pro Hoops

2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan

2008-09 Upper Deck Starquest Cyan Michael Jordan #SQ-20

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Coach's Corner - 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan ROOKIE card

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They collect the entire set, their favorite players, or their favorite teams.

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Trading Card Values Should I be into trading cards as a hobby, an investment, or both.

The trading card was one of 23 1997 Upper Deck Michael Jordan All-Star Game Jersey cards.

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Reportedly, Wagner did not want children to have to collect his cards through an association with tobacco products, so he demanded that he be pulled from distribution.Look up Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball Cards Look up Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball Cards Price Guides for Sports Cards, Gaming Trading Cards and Comics.

Find this Pin and more on PSA Graded Basketball Card Auctions from Probstein123 by Probstein123.It comes from the 2008-09 Upper Deck Starquest Cyan set, card number SQ-20.Next Post: An Explanation of Every Jersey Number Worn by Michael Jordan.Get a real-time look at the 50 most-watched Michael Jordan cards at auction on eBay.

In essence, because this card was produced in a lower amount listed, the price increases. 50% increase on the low and 120% on the high.Basketball Cards sold on COMC during the month of December 2014.This is the place to buy Mowers and Outdoor Power Tools in stock For Sale.The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made. Tweet 26. Share 206.Be aware that the Modern PTQ season has moved since this video was made.Featuring Jordan in a classic, poster-worthy dunk shot, the 1986 Fleer card is the most sought after of all Michael Jordan rookie cards.

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Reason being, it is his only NBA licensed, base set issued rookie card.

Get a real-time look at the 50 most-watched Michael Jordan card auctions listed on eBay.

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The most valuable trading card in the world is the Honus Wagner T-206 tobacco trading card issued in the early 1900s.These values come from our experience of the online marketplace and so the prices are in the range that you could expect to buy and sell cards in an online auction.

He transcends everything before him and Michael Jordan cards will be the measuring stick for everything that follows.

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At VintageCardPrices.com we do a search for Michael Jordan basketball card value price guide.Below is a search box that can be used to find the value of any baseball card, football card, basketball card or hockeys cards.

While there are thousands that command anywhere from the price of lunch up to.